MARRI Experts Database (MED) brings together policy makers, practitioners and researchers with interests in border management, asylum, readmission, trafficking in human beings and other migration management areas relevant to the MARRI region.
All experts from the MARRI region and all others with significant knowledge and practical experience in the abovementioned areas in the MARRI region are invited, to register and create a profile on the website that can be viewed by all MED users.


Registration process is simplified as much as possible. To register a new expert, both fields Full name and E-mail should be fulfilled. After registration, a link will be sent to the specified e-mail address where you will be able to register as expert, stipulating your concrete fields of expertise.
For updating expert’s profile, the same procedure should be followed (with the same Full name and E-mail).

(Please refer to our Privacy Policy before continuing registration process)
If there is any technical problem (not receiving an e-mail with link), you can contact us at: info@marri-rc.org.mk

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