“Fostering economic opportunities of the MARRI Participants administrations by enhancing the system for international protection”

The project is part of a larger GIZ project on “Social participation of people on the move and local population in host regions of the Western Balkans” which was developed as measure commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) under its Special Initiative on Forced Displacement.

The interventions implemented by MARRI RC through this project aim to enhance the mechanisms and capacities of governmental institutions and ensure better conditions for the social and labour participation of asylum seekers in the six MARRI Participants. The project builds upon existing regional mechanisms, promoting better collaboration and coordination for the integration and employment of asylum seekers and people on the move.

This regional project is implemented with the involvement of all six MARRI Participants; however, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are looked at more in-depth. The overall objective of the project is to foster economic opportunities for the MARRI Participants’ administrations by enhancing the system for international protection.

The duration of the project is 6 months, starting from July 2024.


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