Belgrade THB Meeting_1On 15th of October, 2012 in Belgrade, the Judicial Academy of Serbia, MARRI RC, UN Gift, IOM, UNODC, UNHCR and the Government of Serbia organized the Conference on “Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking in the South East Europe”. The Conference brings together the state representatives of the countries from the region responsible for THB, NGOs, International organizations and diplomatic core from the donor countries. The event was opened by the Prime Minister Ivica Dacic.
This event was important for MARRI from three aspects:
• MARRI RC had a possibility to promote MARRI Initiative as a regional one, recognized by the relevant institutions, and relevant partners in the field of migration;
• MARRI RC made presentation regarding the MARRI activities in the field of THB, emphasizing the progress in the work of MARRI Network for THB;
• To organize the IV Meeting of the MARRI Network for THB, where the National Coordinators for THB are the backbone of the network.
The conclusion from the event brings possibility for further intensive cooperation between the institutions from the region, especially in the field of training of the judicial and law enforcement staff in the region.
The conference had very good media coverage.–trgovina-ljudima—moderno-ropstvo.htm–zemlje-regiona-u-zajednickoj-borbi-protiv-trgovine-ljudima

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Conference on Criminal Justice Response to THB in SEE and MARRI THB Network 4th Meeting held in Belgrade