Amsterdam7692In the framework of the Project “Joint comprehensive approach in building co-operation between MARRI and SEPCA Member States’ border police on international airport border crossing points” the MARRI Regional Centre in partnership with the Royal Marechaussee District Schiphol and SEPCA organized a study visit to the Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands which took place on 30 – 31 January 2012.

The objectives of the Study Visit were members of the Permanent Inter-Regional Working Group/Network for Cooperation consisted of Commanders of the Border Police Units from main international airports in MARRI and SEPCA Member States to (i) get familiarized with International and European standards, (ii) get familiarize with techniques and methods used in monitoring and control of border crossing as well as protection of airports and aircrafts and (iii) transfer experiences and best practices in management of the International Airports Border Crossing Points.

Experts from FRONTEX and PCC SEE Secretariat also attended the study visit.

The Project is funded by the Swiss Confederation with the co-funding provided by MARRI and SEPCA.

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Study Visit at the Schiphol International Airport 30/ 31 January 2012, Amsterdam