DSC_0738_smIn the framework of the Project “Support of cooperation among border police on airports in Southeast Europe” BORDAIRPOL, MARRI Regional Centre organized the Joint Training on English Language, which took place on 23 and 24 June 2015 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.
Border police units on the main international airports from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Romania and Kosovo* attended the Training.
This is the Sixth Joint Training which is part of the Project module Joint Trainings in the fields of air border policing needed for fulfillment of the required standards for accession to the EU. The objective of the Training is to enhance the English language knowledge of the border police officers as well as to get acquainted with relevant information about jointly developed English language, which would contribute to more efficient performance of contacts with international partners.
Training was conducted by FRONTEX language expert from Slovenia, Ms. Stella Straus who has presented the basic and mid-level English for border guards at Airports.
Aiming at promoting regional cooperation and enhancing security and stability, MARRI welcomed the participation of Kosovo* in all future MARRI activities.

Mr. Marc Elsaesser, Swiss Immigration Liaison Officer presented support of Swiss Confederation in future MARRI activities.

Mr. Trpe Stojanovski, Director of MARRI Regional Centre expressed professional gratitude to the participants, emphasizing that MARRI shall continue facilitating the process of enhancing and creating preconditions for more efficient police cooperation.

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Sixth Joint Training, June 2015