Approaching the MARRI Regional Forum to be held on 12 June 2018 in Tirana, MARRI Regional Centre can proudly announce the results achieved during the Albanian Presidency-in-Office June 2017-June 2018 in figures:

MARRI organized:

1 Regional conference with 31 participants

8 Regional workshops with 172 participants

3 Regional trainings with 81 participants

4 Regional meetings with 103 participants

In total organized 16 EVENTS with 387 PARTICIPANTS


2 Technical assistance missions provided – support to MARRI reform

1 Briefing Paper on EU’s migration strategic and policy framework developed


Visibility significantly improved and promotional video finalized & published


MARRI Strategy 2018-2020 adopted


Protocol for use of joint pool of interpreters signed by MARRI Ministers of Interior/Security after two years’ process of harmonization.


EC decided to prolong support to MARRI through Regional Support to Protection Sensitive Migration Management in WB and Turkey (IPA II funded multi-annual project) for the period 2019 – 2021.


Cooperation with all partners/donors from previous period has been strengthened and important partnerships has been established. MoU between MARRI Regional Centre and PCCSEE Secretariat has been prepared and will be signed at the forthcoming MARRI Forum on 12/06/2018 in Tirana.


In order to compare achievements of the current Presidency, please find below all key facts and figures for the period of last 3 years:


MARRI in facts & figures: June 2015 –June 2018

1 International conference with 73 participants

1 Regional conference with 31 participants

16 Regional workshops with 373 participants

9 Regional trainings with 234 participants

8 Regional meetings with 185 participants

Organized 35 EVENTS with 794 PARTICIPANTS


6 Technical assistance

5 Regional studies/analysis

4 Publications and manual for professionals

MARRI Strategy 2018-2020 adopted

Protocol for use of joint pool of interpreters signed by MARRI Forum Members (Ministers)


In the period 2015 – 2018, MARRI has been presented at 35 regional or international events, has signed 2 cooperation arrangements and has been supported with technical and financial assistance by its partners/donors in the amount of approximately EUR 800,000.

MARRI Albanian Presidency-in-Office Key Facts & Figures