20160329_141429As part of the project, we have worked hard on enhancing the capacities of the MARRI Participants’ national authorities to effectively respond to the expansion of irregular migrants and speed up the identification process.

The project supported the national institutions in building a sustainable and effective mechanism for joint multi-stakeholder action in the process of establishing identity of irregular migrants. In the course of the past 11 months through eight regional workshops the following major outputs have been achieved:

  • Drafting of the Protocol for the Use of the Joint Interpretation Pool in the Area of Migration and Asylum as a legal framework laying the foundations for use of joint interpretation capacities for rare languages in the Western Balkans region.
  • Development of the software for the joint interpretation pool and the Standard Operative Procedures for the use of the database to be used by MARRI Participants national immigration services.

Development of Guidelines for Establishing Identity of Irregular Migrants paving the way for Harmonization of identification procedures for MARRI Participants) which has been translated into local languages, designed and printed for distribution to all MARRI Participants.

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Training for use of the database and closing event of “Improvement of the Procedures for Establishing Identity of Irregular Migrants in MARRI Region” Project on 29-30 March 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia