MARRI Regional Forum of Ministers of Interior/Security on its last session on 29 July 2023 in Skopje, elected Snezana Trajanovska as new MARRI RC Director with mandate of three years, starting from 1 August 2023.  Before becoming MARRI RC Director, Trajanovska held position as Head of Foreigners and Readmission Unit, Department for Border Affairs and Migration within the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of North Macedonia.

In this leadership role, Trajanovska will plan the strategic direction of MARRI and will have the full managerial responsibility for the Regional Centre in Skopje. Assuming the duty, she remarked:  “ I will be highly dedicated to promoting the MARRI Strategy and Program of Action undertaking the required forms of engagement and cooperation with the main stakeholders. I would like to stress that my work will be directed at strengthening the partnership with the European Union and its agencies, enhancing regional networks and promoting good relations within MARRI RC and with international governmental and non-governmental partners and stakeholders. I hope that I will have the opportunity to employ all my knowledge and skills in promoting the good practices that have already been established by MARRI RC. I have a special interest in the functioning and successful work of this regional platform for cooperation, not only due to the fact that its headquarters are located in Skopje, but also because the mandated areas of cooperation of MARRI are topics that are of interest to the entire region, but also of the European Union, which is why they offer a particularly solid basis for work and development both among ourselves, but also in cooperation with European and other international and regional organizations. I am personally convinced that the new chairmanship of the Initiative – the Republic of Serbia will take this Initiative to even greater heights. I also hope that the higher level and international partners will recognize MARRI RC as the right address for many regional issues. The success of concluding new partnerships with relevant organizations, and of deepening the previously established cooperation with related entities, will remain in my focus.”

“A successful and strong Centre means more support for our administrations, and I really hope that we all are going to work in that direction” – concluded Director Trajanovska.

Snezana Trajanovska took over the position of MARRI RC Director from Sashko Kocev who served as Director of the Regional Centre since 1 August 2018.

1 August 2023 – Snezana Trajanovska steps on duty as new MARRI RC Director