Podgorica – MARRI RC Director  Snezana Trajanovska, MSc. and Neli Rasovic, Representative of Montenegro to MARRI RC, met with representatives of Montenegrin administration to present and discuss the current status of MARRI RC, its operational challenges, as well as the strategies for way forward.

At the Ministry of the Interior, Director Trajanovska met Sergej Mucalica, Director General of the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Integration and Projects; Danka Tomic, Head of the Directorate for International Cooperation; and Larisa Dervisevic, MARRI Coordinator. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director Trajanovska was received by Radovan Bogojevic, Acting General Director of the General Directorate for Multilateral Affairs.

Montenegro’s collaboration with MARRI was praised at a high level, with a commitment from Montenegro to continue the collaboration in the same vein. Montenegro perceives MARRI as a significant regional framework for enhancing cooperation in the field of migration and related phenomena, particularly crucial within the context of EU integration and the current migratory situation.

20 March 2024 – Bilateral consultations with Montenegrin administration in Progorica